An experienced creative leader focused on human needs.
I am a 'whole-brain' thinker and strategic creative thinker with a background in the humanities, design, and business. I specialize in tackling complex branding challenges; partnering with brands to develop their brand vision and translating it into comprehensive design and business ecosystems. Collaborating closely with Marketing, Sales, Executive Leadership, Creative, and Engineering to bring brand vision to life. Working with clients who understand what it takes to solve difficult challenges: a flexible and inquisitive mindset, a lot of hard work, and a little bit of serendipity.

I am curious about the story of. Us. Homo Sapiens. Tech + Humanity optimist. Fusing Tech + Neuroscience + Creative/Critical Thinking to solve human challenges.

🖤 Startups, Emerging Technologies > NeuroTech, Immersive Tech, AI/ML, Robotics